2018 Fall Training at Wag U

2018 Fall Training at Wag U

Here at Wag Central we set pups of all ages up to succeed!

When playmates and learning mates are of similar stature, instructors and owners can best tackle all things puppy. Using our carefully structured Wag Central model with lots of flavor from the Wag Personality Profile, as well as keeping classes small with a positive swing, our instructors can engage both pups and their owners to begin living life together, hand in paw.

  • Contact us @ info@wagcentralct.com or 203-377-1700 for our concierge new client registration
  • Personality profiles recommended.
  • All classes must be paid in full prior to attending.
  • Missed classes can be made up with notice.
  • No refunds after the first class.
  • If classes are cancelled due to inclement weather, they will be rescheduled for the following week.

Any questions?  Contact us directly at 203-377-1700 or info@wagcentralct.com

Canine Good Citizen Prep

Wag’s Canine Good Citizen (CGC) promotes responsible dog ownership and encourages training of great pups! Pups and owners work as a team and take a short behavioral evaluation to earn the Canine Good Citizen certificate. In this class, participants will learn and practice the 10 items needed for the certification. Accepting as a friendly stranger, sitting politely for petting, allowing basic grooming procedures, walking on a loose lead, walking through a crowd, sitting and lying down on command and staying in place, coming when called, reacting appropriately to another dog, reacting appropriately to distractions, calmly enduring supervised separating from the owner. Dogs do not have to be purebred or, in fact, registered with any canine organization. The goal is to promote good citizenship for all dogs. The CGC program became the model for therapy dog programs and a great place to start advancing dog training. Prerequisite: Basic Wag

  • Maximum 6 pups per class
  • Held in Wag Central’s indoor/outdoor play park
  • Cost: $200 per 6 week course
  • Instructor: Danielle

11:30am – 12:15pm Saturdays – 9/15 – 10/27

Basic Wag

Let’s get down to business.  We will cover additional basic commands with more distractions, get owners on track with speaking and thinking dog, practice focus, recall and stays, leash walking and celebrate the serious side of the human/ dog relationship. New for this semester, we will be combining Pupster and Family Pupster classes.

  • For pups 16 weeks and older, maximum 6 pups per class
  • Cost: $200 for 6 week course

1pm – 1:45 pm Saturdays – 9/15 -10/27

6pm – 6:45pm Tuesdays – 9/11 – 10/23

Leash Skills

A well socialized pup needs to walk nicely on leash for many reasons, yet so many of our pups pull, jump, and react when in this common situation which should be pleasurable.  Held in our indoor and outdoor dog park, this class covers the multiple types of leashes and collars on the market, basic commands, tips, and strategies to shape your pup into a good walking and social companion.  And due to Wag Central’s unique layout, real life can be simulated within our walls and outdoor spaces.

  • For pups 6 months and older
  • Cost: $200 for 6 week course

7:00 – 7:45 pm Thursdays – 9/13 – 10/25

Intermediate Wag

Time to take it up a notch! We will review the basic commands, leash skills and recalls you have practiced with your pup, adding increasing levels of distractions,  to test their focus; as well as presenting new challenges for both dogs and owners to overcome by working together.

  • Maximum 6 dogs per class
  • Cost: $200 for 6 week course

12:30 – 1:15 pm Saturdays –  9/15 – 10/27


Does your dog lunge at other dogs? Not sit nicely at the door and wait for it to be opened? Does your dog bark when the doorbell rings or when a stranger enters your house? Does your dog jump up on people? Then it sounds like our manners class might be perfect for you and your pup.

      • Maximum 6 dogs per class
      • Cost $200 for 6 week course

7pm – 7:45pm Tuesdays 9/11 – 10/23

Pupster Play & Swim Time!

Get your community on! Well-socialized people and dog friendly pups only. This fun filled class will tire your little guy out with a balance of swim time, play time, and training. 45 minutes of socialization and chatter for pups and their owners. Personality profiles recommended, but not mandatory. Find your (dog) people!

  • Limit 10 pups per class 6 week block
  • Best suited for pups 16 weeks old to 1 year
  • Cost $200 for 6 week course
  • Instructor: Varies per skills being taught

Saturday at 10:00 am – 9/15 – 10/27

Let’s Wag Safely:

  • Please arrive at Wag no more than 10 minutes before your class.  There will be ample time to enjoy the reception and retail areas after your class.
  • Potty and clean up after your dog outside before each class on leash.
  • Potty accidents while in the training rooms and park are not a problem, however for everyone’s safety please stop and be sure to inform the instructor so that the mess is addressed promptly.
  •  All dogs should be on leash while entering and moving from place to place within the facility.   Please do not unleash your dog until you are instructed to do so by a Wag Team member.
  • All other park rules apply, any questions please refer to a Wag Team member

Proof of vaccination must be received at least 3 days before your pup’s first day of class.

All dogs will not be allowed to participate in classes without proof of vaccination from a licensed veterinarian.

The following vaccinations are required for all dogs over 16 weeks: Rabies Vaccine, 2 rounds of DHPP, Bordetella, two rounds of Lepto, a negative fecal testing for ova, parasites, and Giardia, Canine Influenza (bivalent).